Well! Well!! Well!!! You have bought a rug. Spend your precious bucks and are now stumped about how to take care of it. Worry not! Allow us to share some tips and pointers on how to preserve the quality and life of your rugs. These tips will help you navigate the ups and downs of being a rug owner with a finesse that we have only mastered after selling fine handmade rugs for over 4 decades.

First, all rugs are not equal. Each rug is different and requires its own care instructions. For example, wool rugs are durable and suited to serve heavy traffic areas like entryways, hallways, kitchens, and dining rooms. Lanolin or wool wax, a naturally occurring oil in animal wool makes it more resistant to stains than other materials. Silk rugs, on the other hand, cannot be used in such high-traffic areas. Even though silk rugs have superior tensile strength, their short pile cannot withstand such heavy footfall.

  • If your rugs are shedding, do not be alarmed. Shedding is quite common in wool rugs in the first 3-6 months. They are only loose fibers coming apart from the wool used in the rug. The shedding does not harm the foundational integrity of the rug. But at the same time, be wary of pulling at loose yarns or threads on the rug. Whenever necessary, use scissors to snip or clip protruding ends to the pile height.
  • Rotate your rug every 3 months to avoid uneven fading and wear. Foot traffic and the sun put extra stress on the rugs. Rotating the rug evens out the stress.
  • Vacuum rugs as needed or regularly. Choose suction, without bristles on your handmade rugs, and vacuum your rugs only in one direction, instead of back and forth.
  • Absorb spills immediately with a clean cloth. Lay the rug flat to dry. If spot cleaning is required, do it only with a damp cloth, using plain water. Soaps and harsh cleaning products might damage the rug.
  • Use professional services specializing in cleaning fine handmade rugs for deeper and larger stains.
  • To prolong the life of your rugs, use rug pads. They act not only to prevent falls or accidents but also to protect the rugs from general wear and tear.

These are the basics of rug care and hold true across the wide spectrum of rugs that are available in the market today. For more finely curated and special rugs like sheepskin, sisal, and hide and shag rugs, refer to the rug care instruction sheet provided by the company. Or you can reach out to the dealers for comprehensive guidance on the same.


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