Indo Oushak Rugs

In recent years, I have seen the flooring industry undergo drastic transformations. No longer restrained by brick-and-mortar definitions of conventional stores, the rug business has seen an unprecedented proliferation on e-market platforms like eBay, Overstock, Amazon, Wayfair and many more. The rug selection which earlier was a savant foray into the elegancy of different rug weaves, knot counts, and intricate techniques is now dictated by more-bang-for- the-bucks logic. In this market, a consumer is definitely the king. For this king, are available the vast treasures of the rug world!
Indo Oushak Rug   
Currently, Oushak rugs are dominating the consumer market. But what makes Oushak rugs so popular? Gorgeous and enduring, Oushak rugs are awe-inspiring for their versatility. They can be used both as statement pieces to highlight spaces as well as focal points that tie disparate elements of the décor in a unified whole. Oushaks also score big with designers because they suit a wide variety of décor styles. Do not be surprised if you find an Oushak bedecking a high-end contemporary hotel lobby, and then a traditional home library!
Originally, Oushak rugs came from the West-Central Anatolian town of Usak in Turkey. These rugs are made using a family of designs that is associated with the city of Uşak, Turkey. Renowned for their large-scale designs, these rugs favor geometric motifs like central medallion and star that are highlighted with a profuse use of floral motifs. Oushak rugs all in all represent an illustrious legacy of artistry as well as distinctive use of design motifs.
Today, Oushak rugs’ global popularity has spurred their production outside the traditional geographical zone of Turkey. Of these producers, India leads the way. Indo- Oushak rugs (made in India) are a specific rug style that has adapted the weaving and design techniques of the authentic Oushak rugs from Turkey. These rugs are made using a certain family of designs that originate in Uşak, Turkey. They’re recognizable for their large-scale patterns and are designed to impart instant charm to your living spaces. The color scheme comprised of muted palettes of burgundy, navy, burnt orange and sage is geared to suit the modern design sensibilities.
The best part about Indo-Oushaks is their affordability. Here is a product that does not compromise on either the craftsmanship or the quality, and still gives you the maximum bang for your precious bucks. As I said, You the consumer are a King, or a Queen.

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