All home decor enthusiasts know the value of good area rugs. A good rug helps define the space and brings together different elements of home décor into a cohesive design aesthetic. Thus, an area rug is the crucial element that can make or break your décor game. It is then of utmost importance that you know the basic Dos and Don’ts of area rugs to ace your décor game.




  1. Shop For Rugs First Or Last

Do choose your rug first. A rug can be the statement piece around which you can build up the room Choosing your rug first provides you with a colour scheme to direct the rest of your decor. It is an easy way to create harmony and balance with that choice. Or buy the rug in the end when you have all your furniture together. Though that way you will be able to select a rug that compliments the décor theme of your home, you will searching extra hard for a rug that must work with everything else in the room.


  1. Select The Right Size
    Measure the space where you intend putting the rug. It should be proportionate to the room size. A small rug in the living room shall make it appear smaller. For living rooms, rug is a centerpiece on which the furniture is positioned and framed. While the furniture can be totally or partially placed on the rug in living rooms, it is required that the dining table and chairs in the dining room must remain on top of the rug with enough space on all four sides.


  1. Consider The Room
    The kind of flooring the room has is also a factor in the rug choice. Do make sure the rug works with the color of the flooring. For example, warm colors like red and orange look better with dark color flooring while cool colors like blue and green pair better with light color flooring. The bedrooms, on other hand, require rug colors that are soothing and restful. Similarly, you may not want to choose white or light gray rugs for high traffic areas and dining room. They are notoriously difficult to maintain.


  1. Know How To Clean Your Area Rugs
    Know what you are buying and the difference between the durability and stain resistance of different rug materials. Choosing a rug that stains easily when you there are children or pets at home is not a great idea. Some area rugs can be hand washed and some can be machine washed. You should know how to clean your rugs so that you do not damage them.




  1. Don’t Use Inappropriate Area Rug Size

The incorrect rug size can create a disharmony in your home décor. Using large area rug for a small room makes it look more crowded. Long skinny rugs are great in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens.


  1. Don’t be Afraid to use Colors and Patterns
    Area rugs can infuse style, grace and drama into a drab room. They add instant charm and vitality into their setting. So, don’t be afraid to introduce patterns and bold colors in your décor. Just make sure they do not clash with each other and complement the home décor style.


  1. Don’t Forget the Rug Pad
    A rug pad helps the rug stay in place and protects both the rug and the floor against damage. When placed on hard floors, rugs have the potential to slide around through day-to-day use. This can damage hard flooring and in some cases could even damage the rug. Lay an anti-slip mat under your rug for your physical safety too.

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