2' x2'  Gray Purple Turquoise Color Hand Knotted Tibetan Wool and Silk Modern & Contemporary Oriental Rug
2' x 2' Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Square Modern Tibetan Oriental Area Rug Gray
2' x 2' Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Square Modern Tibetan Oriental Area Rug Gray
2' x 2' Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Square Modern Tibetan Oriental Area Rug Gray

2' x 2' Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Square Modern Tibetan Oriental Area Rug Gray

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This is a beautiful Gray, Purple, Turquoise Color design Hand Knotted, Tibetan Oriental Wool and Silk Rug. Its elegant style is easy to decorate with and perfect for living room, dining room, bedroom or anywhere in the residence and office.
  • Exact Size: 2'x2'
  • Weave: Hand Knotted 
  • Yarn: Wool and Silk
  • Color: Gray, Purple, Turquoise, Multi
  • Origin: India
  • Pile Height: 0.5 inch
  • Condition: New
  • Rug#: ORH16425

Story Behind the Art For centuries Tibetans have used rugs for decorative and functional purposes, drawing upon geometric patterns, auspicious symbols, real and mythical animals, and natural imagery to create beautiful, colorful designs. But it was only after 1959 with the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the growth of Tibetan diaspora in Nepal and Tibet that Tibetan rug weaving underwent a crucial commercial revival. In the 1970s, Tibetan rugs rose to prominence and Nepalese artisans, drafted in to keep up with the rising demand, became the mainstay of the Tibetan rug weaving traditions. While either Turkish knot or the Persian knot (Senneh knot) is used to create the pile or depth of a rug in most of Asia, the Tibetan rug utilizes a slit-loop technique called the Tibetan knot. Here rugs are woven by wrapping a continues length of yarn over a rod laid across the warps stretched on the loom. When the rod has been wrapped for its entire length, a knife is slid along the rod, cutting the wrapped yarn into two rows of pile tufts. The resultant pile is a wonderful mix of depth, texture and richness. Traditional Tibetan rug motifs generally reflect the importance of Buddhist religion in Tibetan art and culture. Many design elements of Chinese origin like the phoenix, dragon, and lotus symbols alongside motifs from Chinese decorative tradition have also been assimilated in the rug repertoire of this region. In modern times, designs featured in Tibetan, Nepalese rugs (those woven by Tibetan refugees in Nepal) and Indo-Tibetans (woven in India) range from Westernized adaptations of traditional Tibetan motifs (such as branching floral designs and snow lions) to a large mixture of foreign and modern free-form patterns.

Made by skilled craftsman, the rug is a beautiful symphony of bold motifs, stunning colors and consummate artisanship. This rug representing an illustrious legacy of exquisite artistry and the intricate craftsmanship is primed to add visual glamor and class to its surroundings. Its soft texture and timeless design make it ideal to enhance any space where it is placed.


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